Images and video footage relating to all the trips offered by 'Tough Mountain'. 

​Below, in Clockwise order from top left:​

Tough Mountain Freedom trail: ​A trolley bus that used to run from Biella up to the Santuario di Oropa Monestary, sometimes carrying escaped soldiers and partisans. 
The Mere du Glace (Sea of Ice) from Lac Blanc, a typical view of the eastern flank of the Mont Blanc massif, Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB)
Gazing at the 'Aiguille Vert' and the 'Dru', TMB and 'Walkers Haute Route'
'Selfie' from above Castravalva, Abruzzo.
Below, in Clockwise order from top left:​

Summer transhumance on the Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB)
Col du Fours, TMB
Final scramble in the July snow in the Brenta Dolomites
Autumn in Abruzzo, just below the Maiella Mountain range, near Passo Godi.
Below, in Clockwise order from top left:

Ibex on the Walkers Haute Route, between Chamonix and Zermatt
'Cow cuddling' in the Swiss Alps!
The Brenta Dolomite
On the Monte Blanc massif, above Chamonix in Winter, snowshoe trekking.
Below, some video clips, from the Winter Avalanche Awareness Courses that are run by 'Tough Mountain'. These are aimed specifically for 'off piste' skiers, mountaineers and those going out walking in the mountains in winter. The courses teach you about snow profiling, avalanche risk, how to recognise and avoid the risks, what equipment to carry and how to use it and what to do if your party fall victim to an avalanche.