Is it a sign that the clients are unhappy when, at the end of the trip, the group roll a large boulder onto the guide, whilst he 'power' naps? Maybe it was just one person who did not enjoy the game of 'lets hide the rock in someone's pack'.

Either way, to prevent myself (or any of my fellow mountain leaders) from having to spend the evening burrowing their way out from under rocks, I would like to present you with some more positive comments from some of my previous clients:

What our clients have to say...

Andalucia, Spain - In the Spring of 2014 we hiked in Spain and had Duncan as our guide. There was a group of 4 of us that went ranging from mid 40's to early 50's. We all felt very comfortable hiking with Duncan. Each morning before our hike, he pulled out a map to show us where we were going and throughout the day to show our progress. We hike a lot in the Canadian Rockies and we felt very comfortable that Duncan was experienced and that we would be in good hands in case of an emergency. Duncan was also energetic, fun and a pleasure to be around and there was lots of laughter and smiles. He was confident in his route finding and we never got lost or off trail. He set a comfortable pace for all and paid attention to how each member in the group was with the pace. We stopped a lot to smell the flowers and photograph many of them and he was easy going and flexible with our day. We would definitely book a trip with Duncan in the future and since that trip we have had the pleasure to keep in touch and become friends. We are confident in recommending Duncan as a mountain guide.
 Brenda, (Canada)​

Tour of Mont Blanc - "Our guide stayed with those that needed help and encouragement and gave clear instructions to those who were walking faster on where to stop and wait so we regrouped regularly and there was little to no chance of taking a wrong turn/getting lost. Also insisted on the group staying together in poor visibility. 
I knew Duncan was International Mountain Leader certified which is a highly regarded qualification so I wasn't overly concerned - I trusted his abilities
I highly recommend the trip and have no hesitation in recommending Duncan Boar from Tough Mountain"
Louise, Australia
Andalucia, Spain
We hiked in Spain with Duncan as our leader for a week. We totally trusted Duncan's abilities and always felt safe with him. Duncan is a certified mountain guide and we were all very confident in his skills. He always shared the map with everyone which put everyone at ease knowing that we were on course. He never made anyone feel rushed and made sure that everyone was well hydrated and doing well. Duncan's friendly and easy going personality was the catalyst for our group (about 20 people) becoming close friends who shared many laughs and good times. We still have fond memories of that trip and still stay in touch with Duncan and some of the others in our group. We hope to do one of his ww2 historical hikes soon.

Greg and Amy
Calgary, Alberta, Canada